Seeking placement into a long-term care facility is often a difficult decision.  Many times a family merely wants to be prepared for future placement and wants information so when and if the time comes, they know which direction they need to take.  Placement is often temporary as a resident builds up physical strength for independent living. 

Whatever the needs of the resident and family, we will make every effort to make this go as smoothly as possible. Feel free to e-mail or phone the head of our admissions with any additional questions or concerns you may have. Our Admissions Coordinator, Rob Willman, can be reached at the facility Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or click the email link at the bottom of this page.

The following procedures or information is required for placement:

1. Physician's Request & Pre-Admission Screenings- These forms are to be completed by the family physician or the attending physician who is requesting admission of a resident to the Facility.  The request form must be completed with all medical information pertinent to continuity of care for the resident, and then mailed or presented in person to the Resident Administration Coordinator.

2. Pre Admission Application- This form will be mailed to, or presented personally to the resident or the authorized person acting in behalf of the resident, by the Resident Administration Coordinator.  This must be completed in detail with all information requested and there after returned back to him for review.  This form must be completed and returned before the resident can be considered as an applicant for admission.

3. To Accompany Resident at Time of Transfer or Admission- The Facility must have in its possession a copy of the complete physical examination report, a summarized medical history and a confirmation of a recent chest x-ray (one taken within the last 3 months) as well as a written report of the most recent laboratory work (CBC, tine test, and UA).  If done, we would appreciate receiving the VDRL report and information as to where they last had their pneumovac.

4. When a Resident is to be Transferred - from an Acute Care Hospital or a Nursing Home to our Facility, it is the responsibility of the transferring facility to contact the Facility Resident Administration Coordinator prior to the transfer.  The hour, the date of transfer and transportation requirements will have to be pre-arranged and agreed upon between the transferring facility and admitting facility.  This applies not only to new admissions, but re-admissions as well.  The transferring facility, whether it be an Acute Care Hospital or Nursing Home, shall have the responsibility to notify the next of kin or the party responsible for the resident's affairs, regarding the transfer to our Facility.

5. When a Resident is Admitted- A completed transfer form prepared by the transferring facility shall accompany the resident.  The transfer form shall contain all pertinent medical information requested on the form.  The transfer form, when completed in it's entirety, provides the admitting facility sufficient information and will act as a temporary plan of care.  This is a priority. It is also required that Medicaid, Medicare, and other third party payor identification cards accompany the resident if they are available.

6. Personal Items- All of the resident's personal items must be clearly labeled and marked with the residents name prior to bringing them within the facility. Clothing will be professionally marked by the facility and should be given to laundry upon admission.   Future items brought in are to be left at the nurses station in a labeled bag for facility labeling to take place.  Items will be labeled and returned to the resident. Un-marked items make it impossible to identify ownership at times and proper labeling will assure that your resident's personal items remain safe with them.

Personal television sets are allowed and properly set up by the Maintenance Department. Please keep television size 19" or less.. Exceptions are made for flat screenl televisions greater than 19" if they can be mounted on the wall.  Every effort is made to accommodate each resident's individual needs.  Personal photos, bed spreads and a reasonable sized chair are all encouraged and welcome. Any other furniture items must be approved by the facility to assure proper code restriction allowance.

7. Discharge Summary- If possible, a discharge summary should accompany the resident, or at least be mailed to the Facility within 72 hours of admission if they are coming from another facility.


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