In an effort to promote and celebrate the Holiday Season, we held the first ever Door Decorating Contest. Each Department was assigned a specific door and encouraged to participate. Doors had to be completed on the employees' own time and though the activities department helped with supplies if available, most departments were responsible to pick up their own. Below you will find a photo gallery of all entered doors and their corresponding departments. We had an art teacher from an area school judge and the winning doors are identified. Three Cheers for our wonderful creative staff!

1st Place Door~ $150.00
Diversional Therapy

2nd Place Door~$100.00
Special Needs Unit
3rd Place Door~$50.00
Front Office/Accounting
Day Shift CNA's
Afternoon Shift CNA's
Educational/2nd Floor
Licensed Nurses


Our residents especially
enjoyed watching
the doors being

A huge thank-you
to all the effort
each Department
put into this.

Night Shift CNAs