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The Nursing department is the "hub" around which the facility wheel turns.  Being a major employer within the county, the nursing department alone employs Clinically Evaluated Nurses Aides (CNA's), Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses.

Working within our Nursing Department is a valuable role that we take seriously. To show our support, we are currently offering a $5000 sign-on bonus or 100% reimbursement of college loans, to all new RNs or LPNs. If you are interested in joining our Nursing Team, please follow our Employment link within this website and apply.

Quality care is a commitment and a constant goal at the facility.  Total nursing needs are provided to the resident in order to maintain a quality service that will fulfill their objectives and high standards.  The passing of medications, necessary treatments, monitoring, charting and documentation of information for compliance with State and Federal Nursing Home Rules and Regulations is provided by the professional staff (Registered nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses)  CNAs provide total cares as required on a daily basis to assure optimal physical and psychological well-being.  It is more than providing physical cares. It is a commitment to take care of the total resident from within as well.

Restorative CNAs work closely with Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to increase mobility and independence.

Transport CNAs working at the facility transport residents to the various medical and dental appointments around the area.  The facility owns two wheelchair lift equipped vans.

Optometric Services are offered as well as visiting Mental health, Speech and Hearing professionals. 

Education and in-servicing is a priority. There is an education room for regular in-servicing for all departments and we are proud participants in "Relias Learning Systems" where current, job-appropriate training is provided and required on an on-going basis via computer training.

Whatever the needs may be, the goal of the Nursing Department is to work with other departments to assure that the resident is given every opportunity to function at full potential. Our Director of Nursing is Lesli Arcand, RN, and can be reached at 906-875-6671.

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