Making the decision to move into a new home is difficult for both the resident and the family involved.  Often times, the placement is made following an acute problem needing hospitalization.  Placement may be temporary or indefinite, but either way, a sense of loss and adjustment is faced by the resident and their family.  The social workers within the facility are prepared to assist with this adjustment, as well as monitor and assist throughout the residents stay here for psychological and psycho social needs. 

The facility has three trained professionals: Sally Aho-Ross, BSW, Wendy Gibson, MSW and Jackie Beaudoin, BSW.  They wear many hats within the facility and always strive, along with other staff, to assure resident's rights and quality of life.  The role of the social worker within long term care has certainly grown within the past years.  With focus now on "Quality of Life" the social worker advocates for the resident, many times through drug monitoring as well as behavior modification and staff education that promote choice and well-being.

 The facility is proud to be physical restraint free and the social workers closely monitor mood altering and psychoactive drugs, working closely with the physician to minimize and monitor these types of medications. Fundamental to social work is attention to the environmental factors that create and contribute to problems in daily living.  Changes in the environment are often made by promoting understanding of resident's moods and behaviors and thus offering alternatives to drug therapy or restraints.

Our Social Service Department works closely with Community Mental Health, Home Health Nursing, Probate Court and various Community Resources to guarantee the highest quality of life for the resident whether they make the facility their permanent home or return to independent living. 

Acting as a liaison between the family, the resident and the facility, the social worker will often help with  resident's advance directives, problems or concerns or educating the family in regards to medical issues.  Whatever the task may be, the social worker is there to assist.

We invite you to stop and visit or call with any questions you may have and ask for Jackie Beaudoin, BSW, Ext. 129 or Sally Aho-Ross, BSW, Ext. 127 or Wendy Gibson, MSW, Ext. 504

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