Direct Phone Listing

Rob Possanza, Administrator 
Rob Willman, Admissions Coordinator
Dr. Robert F. Han, Medical Director
Deb Han, Corporate Compliance/Asst Admin   906-874-1190
Lesli Arcand RN, Director of Nursing      906-874-1508
Jaclyn Nardi RN, Assistant Dir of Nursing
Cheryl Kishman, LPN, Infection Control Director 906-874-1223
Jessica Carlson, LPN Infection Prevention Asst 906-874-1222
Deb Wendorf, RN Education Director 906-874-1233
Jenn Stankevich, RN MDS Coordinator 906-874-1383
Brandis Larson, Scheduler
Shannon Lambert Scheduling/Education Asst.
Kathie Latva Health Information/Privacy 906-874-1210
Rehab Director
Ashley Jacobson, Rehab Coordinator
Jackie Beaudoin, Social Worker
Samantha Bannenberg, Social Worker
Jessica Schultz, Activities, Volunteer Coordinator
Jen Cole, Asst Dir, Volunteer Scheduling
Heidi Bociek, Dietary Director
Peggy Bosko, Dietary Manager
Mitzi Dube, Dietary Manager
Richard Bekkala, Director of Physical Plant
Larry Mendoza, Physical Plant Project Manager
Brooke Ponchaud- Payroll Director & Asst. Controller
Jill Feldhausen Human Resources Director
Raquel Cahill, Human Resources Assistant, FMLA 906-874-1177
Kelly Norkoli, Accounts Receivable Director
Lynn Oman, Accounts Receivable Assistant
Judy Johnson, Accounts Payable Director
Karen Nylund, Accounts Payable/Trust Assistant 906-874-1333
Sue Wheeler, Purchasing Director
Jodi Jauquet, Administrative Assistant  906-874-1112
Keary Beck, Technology Director
Wesley Takala, IT Helpdesk 906-874-1266
Lindsey Anderson, VHAL Director
Sharon Leonoff LPN, VHAL Nurse
Karanda Smith, Services Coordinator VHAL
Skyway Rehab Services Coordinator
Skyway Living Center Nurses Station 906-874-1302
Skyway Occupational Therapy Office 906-874-1306
Main Nurses Station Charge
South Nurses Station Charge
Northside Resident Phone
Southside Resident Phone
Wood Haven Activities Center
Willow Memory Care Unit-West
Willow Memory Care Unit-East 906-874-1552
Skyway Living Center Nurses Station Charge 906-874-1602
Diversional Therapy Department 906-874-1134