Front entrance to facility The original building was constructed in 1930 and was utilized as the County Infirmary, which was formerly known as the "poor farm", an image that the facility has worked hard to change.  At that time, it was solely a county funded operation and was, and still is, a functional program of the Health & Human Services Agency.  Its original purpose was to provide food and shelter for the transients and the indigent, and at the same time, have them attend to chores in and around the premises.  At that time, it was supervised by a superintendent and a matron under the jurisdiction of what was then known as the Welfare Board.  As time went on, the residents of the Infirmary began to need medical and nursing care.  The need for medical and nursing care was beginning to increase as people began to live longer.  The Infirmary was then beginning to be called Iron County Hospital, because of the increase in persons requiring long term nursing care.

It was in 1957 that the language in Act 280, the Social Welfare Act, was amended to include Medical Care Facility.  Since the Iron County Hospital could no longer retain the name "hospital", because of the definition of "hospital" under Act 139, the institution became known as the Iron County Medical Care Facility, with standards and regulations applied as written by the State Department of Social Services (now known as Department of Health & Human Services Board).  The establishment of the Iron County Medical Care Facility was to provide individualized medical care, treatment, and supervision for those elderly chronically ill, or disabled persons requiring services of lesser intensity than those provided in hospitals but unavailable elsewhere.

As a publicly supported facility, the distinguishing emphasis from its beginning was service to the poor or Medically indigent.  Thus, with the amendment to Act 280, was the beginning of some drastic changes in the Medical Care Facilities throughout the State.  With the enactment into law of the Medicare and Medicaid Programs in July 1966, the old structure no longer met the building codes to be certified under the Medicare and Medicaid Program.

In the early 1970's, the citizens of Iron County were asked to vote on a millage levy as proposed by the Iron County Board of Commissioners by which tax levies would be used to construct a new Medical Care Facility.  This tax levy was affirmatively voted.  Residents were transferred to the new facility in 1976 and the old structure, except for the 3-story section which had been an addition to the old structure in 1957, was demolished.

Side view of the front entrance The Iron County Department of Health & Human Services Board is the governing body of the Iron County Medical Care Facility.  Under the Social Welfare Public Act. No. 280, Section 400.58 and as per Act No. 125 of P.A. 1954 which is legislation authorizing County Medical Care Facilities, the County Department of Health & Human Services Board is authorized, with the approval of the Board of Commissioners, to supervise and be responsible for the operation of the County Medical Care Facility.  The Iron County Department of Health & Human Services Board consists of 3 members (2 appointed by the County Board of Commissioners and 1 appointed by the State Department of Health & Human Services).  The board provides local control of the quality and cost of services provided to its citizens.  As a local body the Department of Health & Human Services Board can address the unique health care needs of its community, tailoring services to match needs.  In the rapidly changing health care systems of today, they are uniquely positioned to serve the interests of the local population in a caring sensitive manner.

As needs became apparent, the facility has worked diligently to provide its residents with the best possible environment.  Improvements and life enhancing projects or additions are on-going at the facility. Enhancement at the facility took place in 1994 when they broke ground to build a 20-bed addition.  At this time, the Facility undertook a 2

.2+ million-dollar expansion and renovation project.  Taking almost two years to complete, the facility was given a total "face-lift".  In addition to improving the existing building, an additional dining area and new diversional therapy area was added at the end of the newly constructed wing.  An existing wing was taken and made into a secure Dementia Unit called the "Special Needs Unit".  The wing designated as the Special Needs Unit is a secure wing with its own dining/social area added at the end of it.  In the fall of 1997, an outdoor fenced in area with a gazebo was added to further outdoor options of the unit's environment. Most notable and recent additions are an Assisted Living Complex; Victorian Heights, an out-patient physical therapy facility known as Skyway Rehab and taking over what was previously The Crystal Manor, nursing home, adding a very large expansion to the south side of the building to accommodate these residents and employees. At the time of the new expansion, one of the biggest changes in addition to the beautiful new accommodations, a major frame of mind change was also implemented. The facility changed all reference to wings and locations to neighborhoods and all larger gathering areas were given names. The goal was to form a community which followed the goal of becoming more homelike and shedding the totally medical model that had been the norm for nursing homes in the past.

A major renovation project broke ground the summer of 2012, with plans to renovate the building interior to match the expansion area on the building's south side. Two neighborhoods were joined to almost double the capacity for Special Needs residents, with a newly designed secure unit named Willow Living Center. The former Special Needs Unit wing was then redesigned and added on to, to accommodate short-term rehabilitation clients, directly attached to Skyway Rehabilitation Center.

Our beautiful newly constructed pavilion In 2018, the Foundation in Support of the Iron County Medical Care Facility had constructed a new 50' x 100' Pavilion for residents and family to enjoy. The new Pavilion has kitchen facilities, sound system, a public restroom, and a fire-pit. Some of the events which have taken place in the new pavilion include the Auxiliary Flea Market, Summerfest Pig Roast and a number of activities sponsored by our Diversional Therapy Department.

The Iron County Medical Care Facility provides to its community a much needed service. We fill the gap in the health care system and insure access to long-term care. We provide for local control of quality with an infusion of Federal and State funds. The facility does not provide bargain basement care, we provide value for cost.

We have and will continue to be devoted to the care of residents needing long-term skilled nursing and medical care, including restorative related medical services, and /or special therapeutic services to the citizens of Iron County who are chronically ill and/or disabled.


We are honored to be able to serve the community of Iron County with a facility that they can be proud of.