Resident RoomAdmitting to a skilled nursing and/or rehabilitation facility is often a difficult decision. We are honored that you are inquiring to make an informed decision into the Iron County Medical Care Facility. We are committed to providing quality care for your individual needs. If you need a short stay in order to return home safely, we have Skyway Rehab. If you are in need of long-term care, we have a modern family environment which provides a quality of life for you or your loved ones.

How to prepare for admissions to the Iron County Medical Care Facility

The admission team is composed of multi-discipline staff including nursing, social work, rehab, billing, maintenance, and an MDS nurse. The team will use their expertise in determining the level of care you need and make the best decision for YOU. The better you understand the process of admission, the more comfortable and informed you will be. Please contact Admissions at 906-874-1320 to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Steps to take prior to admission

If you have a scheduled elective surgery, please contact Admissions prior to the procedure. This will ensure a smooth admission and most importantly a speedy recovery.  If you have an unplanned hospitalization, please inform the case manager/discharge planner that you prefer the Iron County Medical Care Facility in meeting your needs. The admissions fax number is 906-875-6764 and phone number 906-874-1320.

What to Expect the Day of Admission

If we have transportation available on the day of discharge, we will transport you to our facility.  If a you or your family provide transport, the admission coordinator/designee will meet you upon arrival.   Our nursing staff will greet you and welcome you to your room. You can expect to complete the necessary tasks:

Two chairs in visiting areasCompletion of admission documents
Providing copies of insurance cards
Providing copies of power of attorney, guardianship, living will or patient representative
Participate in a nursing assessment
Participate in a therapy evaluation
Meeting the remaining departments: activities, social work, nursing, MDS
What to bring when moving in and what to leave at home

We want you to feel at home as much as possible, surrounded by familiar items.  Family photos can be comforting.  A bulletin board is provided for displaying greeting cards, photos, etc.  All personal items brought from home should be labeled.  Our laundry department will professionally label clothing. Please do not bring in valuables or fragile items.  We have a resident trust account available to place money for use while staying with us.  Perhaps you might like to take your family to the Wild Rose Cafe for coffee or lunch? To ensure safety to all, we do not allow items such as coffee pots, electric blankets, space heaters, etc.  Medication from home must be in the prescribed original container.  Basic toiletry items will be provided on a routine basis.  A TV may already be in the room; otherwise you may bring in your personal one.  Maintenance department will inspect and install the tv for you.

As you Settle in at the Iron County Medical Care Facility

Expect that it will take a few days to become accustomed to the staff and routines. Staff will continue to introduce themselves and your own routine will become more familiar. We are learning about you and you are learning about us during this time of transition. We are committed to timely and honest two-way communication to help best meet your needs while at the Iron County Medical Care Facility. 

Visitors are Welcome Two Legged and Four Legged!  

Our facility dog LeroyVisiting hours are available 24 hours per day.  We prefer you visit during normal hours 8-4pm.  When you arrive please come through the main entrance. There are several lounge areas throughout the facility where family members may gather as well as our Wild Rose Cafeteria or in you loved one’s room. In nice weather, feel free to take your loved one outside and enjoy the fresh air. Personal pets are welcomed-please make sure their immunizations are up to date. We appreciate dogs to be on a leash and cats in a carrier.

Fireplace in our visiting areas Our Staff is Here to Help you Every Step of the Way

Whether your stay at the Iron County Medical Care Facility will be short or long, whether you’re familiar with skilled nursing facilities or not, and whether you planned your admission or not; the admissions coordinator will help each new patient to feel at ease during this transition.  All of our staff members will be working to provide you with a quality of life you so deserve.  Through our efforts we will foster your independence and improve your quality of life.  We look forward to working with and for YOU.

Willow Living Center

Admission Criteria

Each resident entering the unit is evaluated for appropriateness by a trained committee of professionals. Progress is monitored and when the resident is no longer benefiting from the unit's environment or declines with the stages of their disease a decision is made to perhaps move them to the main floor.  The best interest of the resident and the unit is always evaluated carefully.

Willow Living Center Admission CriteriaOur onsite chapel

  • Resident must have a diagnosis of dementia
  • Resident status will range from mild to moderately affected dementia.
  • Resident must be ambulatory or able to be up in a wheelchair at least 4-6 hours daily.
  • Resident must be able to take an active part in at least one of the following:
Activity Programming
Behavior Management
Walking (need to have freedom to wander)

The family of each resident must be active in programming, or at a minimum, communicate actively with Memory Care Team.

Though a resident may meet all of the criteria, beds may not be available on the unit.  Every effort is made to place them there as availability allows.  Through a comprehensive assessment, the professionals at Iron County Medical Care Facility can help you decide if placement within this specialized memory care center is appropriate.

Resident dining areaWillow Living Center Admission Team

The Willow Living Center admissions team consists of: Medical Director, nursing representatives (Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Nurse Risk Manager), Administrator, Resident Admissions Coordinator, Diversional Therapy Director, social workers and appointed CNAs and family members.

Please contact The Admission Department, for additional questions, concerns, tours or just general information. 906-874-1320.