Diversional Therapy

The Iron County Medical Care Facility is proud to be able to offer an extensive activity program. This department's sole purpose is to provide every opportunity for the resident to establish a sense of well-being, through pursuing interests or interacting with others.  Aside from meeting the needs of the higher functioning resident, we strive as well to meet the needs of the low functioning resident.

Wii FunThe program is divided into two aspects: Group Programs and 1:1 Programs.  Through an equal blend of the two, all residents are assessed and offered a program that meets their individual interests and abilities.  The key is to know the resident,  knowing what interests or interested them and incorporate this into their plan of care. 

Heading the Diversional Therapy Department is Director, Jessica Schultz, with over 25 years of experience in the activities field in long-term care. The Director is assisted by Assistant Director, Jennifer Cole. There are seven Diversional Therapy Aides that work within this department as well.  Activities are held in various locations of the building. A normal large event is held in the DT/Birch Dining Room. We hold events in our Chapel, Trillium Dining Room, Pavilion, Courtyard, Woodhaven Activity Center, Whispering Pines Library, and other areas around our building. Please contact DT prior to meetings or events to assure room is available.  Garden Club

CERTIFIED MUSIC AND MEMORY FACILITY: It is with our pleasure that we are able to provide residents with this tried and true program. It is clinically proven that resident's love and engagement with music is one of the very last memories to retain and we fully believe in this remarkable program. The basic program provides for residents to receive an Ipod Shuffle or MP3 player and individualized playlist filled with songs that are specific to their life and memories. Much time and assessment is put into providing the resident with songs that bring meaning and favorable reaction (ex: song played at their wedding, popular music at life events and genres that have been their long time favorite) Family history plays a big part in the music and memory program and information is constantly gathered and updated depending on the residents response. The outcome has been wonderful. To see someone with little ability, respond and engage themselves while listening to their music is such a rewarding outcome. If you would like to learn more about this, please search the movie "Alive Inside" on Netflix and see for yourself. Contact Diversional Therapy Director, Jessica Schultz at 906-874-1130. 

WILLOW LIVING CENTER:  This neighborhood has its own activity program, geared to the needs of the mid to high functioning but cognitively impaired resident.  Steps are kept simple and a social environment is promoted.  The staff on this neighborhood works as a team to aide with individual task type activities as well as social group programs.  The activities are varied, but always kept simple as to not over-challenge the resident with dementia.  Flexibility is essential and staff works to keep them occupied and content.  An outdoor area allows for outside programs and is utilized on a regular basis.  Residents also have the opportunity, if appropriate, to go on a weekly bus outing.  Activities outside of this area are also encouraged if the resident can handle them positively. They are treated with dignity and acceptance and allowed to function at their level. 
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Our Diversional Dept owns their own bus and takes advantage with weekly outings both far and near. Residents like to pick our destinations for the month at our Activity Council Meetings. Keep an eye on the facility calendar to see where we are off to next!