Apartment Fees
We offer 25 spacious individual apartments built with safety and comfort in mind! Each apartment is furnished with kitchen appliances, a walk-in shower with a fold-down seat, two large closets, individual control thermostat, built-in air conditioner, free WiFi, four emergency pull cords, and more. 

        13 studio apartments:                                              12 one bedroom units:
1 with back view      $2250/mo                           6 with front/back view      $2507/mo
6 with valley view    $2300/mo                           5 with valley view             $2585/mo
6 corner rooms        $2379/mo                          1 large valley view            $2662/mo

Optional Services

Meal plans                    
Breakfast only               $98.00 Monthly rate
Lunch only                    $183.00 Monthly rate
Dinner only                   $146.00 Monthly rate
All three meals             $402.00 Monthly rate
Breakfast and Lunch    $293.00 Monthly rate
Lunch and dinner         $332.00 Monthly rate
Single or guest meals 
Breakfast                      $4.00 per meal
Lunch                           $7.00 per meal
Dinner                          $6.00 per meal

Weekly housekeeping included in monthly fee

Laundry services
Personal and bedding                              $35.00 Monthly rate
Laundry facilities are open for tenants to use at their leisure 24/7                                                                                   

Personal care levels based on care hours per month                                      
Level 1 Basic -- 1 to 14.99 hr                   $274.00 Monthly rate           
Level 2 Intermediate -- 15 to 28.99 hr      $548.00 Monthly rate
Level 3 Transitional  -- 29 to 42.99 hr      $822.00 Monthly rate

2nd person in apartment fee                  $343.00 Monthly rate

Cable TV                                                   $45.00 Monthly rate

Barber and Beautician Services         Per service performed

Phone service is the responsibility of the tenant