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Doorway into BuildingIs this the elegant front door to your new home? Here at Victorian Heights, we take pride in providing a beautiful, safe, and helpful place for all tenants to call home. Living at Victorian Heights allows people to maintain their independence longer while still getting the assistance they need to live their day-to-day lives. Interested? Read the residency requirements below and see if you qualify to become a part of our family today! 

Residency Requirements

Victorian Heights Assisted Living is much like a home or apartment setting, with some special care provided.  

Residency requirements for Victorian Heights include the following:

  1. Tenants of Victorian Heights must provide evidence that their health enables them to live safely in an independent environment.
  2. Must be independently mobile (This can include the safe use of a wheelchair that the tenant can wheel him/herself or an electric wheelchair and/or an electric scooter.)
  3. Must be able to consistently transfer with minimal or less assistance of one person.
  4. Must be able to manage his/her activities of daily living independently or with the assistance of staff.
  5. Must be able to call for non-emergent assistance by appropriately using the apartment telephone.
  6. Must have minimal difficulty with orientation to time/place/person and can communicate thoughts and needs.
  7. Must be capable of caring for a colostomy, ileostomy, urinary catheter, oxygen, device, or other medical need, by him/herself or with the assistance of staff or a home health agency.
  8. Must not be incontinent of urine or bowel that continually saturates undergarments or Depends or have strong odors on clothing or in the apartment that are created by incontinence.
  9. Must secure outside skilled nursing care for wounds or sores requiring a skilled level of care.
  10. Must not wander inappropriately into tenant apartments, common areas or outside the facility.
  11. The Victorian Heights Medical Health Associates must be able to speak with and/or physically see and assess a prospective new tenant.
  12. Victorian Heights Medical Health Associates must be able to assess a new or existing tenant before the tenant returns to the community from a skilled care facility or hospital setting.
  13. Victorian Heights Assisted Living reserves the right to refuse a new or returning tenant if deemed inappropriate for the assisted living setting by the Victorian Heights admissions team.
  14. Exhibiting behavior problems disturbing to other tenants is inappropriate for the community. If the behavior problem(s) can be managed as a result of behavior management, medication, family, home health agency, or mental health intervention, the tenant may be permitted to remain at the discretion of Victorian Heights management.