The dietary department is headed by Certified Dietary Manager, Heidi Bociek, CDM,CFPP. We have a consultant dietitian, Dale Schmeisser, PhD,RD, who visits the facility at least once a month to address
Employee making soup
 any dietary concerns that arise. Also working within this department are Dietary Managers, Mitzi Dube, CDM,CFPP and Peggy Bosko, CDM,CFPP. Feel free to give Heidi, Mitzi or Peggy a call with any of your dietary concerns at 906-874-1151. 

There are many other dietary employees in the department including cooks, dietary aides, cold prep people and a baker. The dietary department is responsible for putting out three nutritious meals plus nourishment for up to 200 residents on a daily basis. They also provide employee meal trays which are purchased for the lunch and supper meals. Some days as many as 65 employee trays are served. The dietary department prepares over 25,000 meals a month which means over 270,000 meals a year. 

There are two menu cycles, a four-week spring-summer menu cycle and a five-week fall-winter menu cycle. These menus are broken down into daily spread sheets which include all the therapeutic and mechanically altered diets used in the facility. Substitutions are available for residents who do not like what is on the regular menu each day and each resident has the opportunity to select choices regarding their diet. The dietary department also takes care to provide nourishing snacks for those residents whose diets require it or who request it. There is a baker on staff that prepares many home-made desserts, rolls, sweet breads, cookies, etc. to make the menus complete. 
Employee pushing meal cart
Special meals are provided for holidays, ethnic days, special parties and events and picnic days. During the spring-summer menu cycle, we grill out on a weekly basis and monthly residents have the opportunity to take part in planning a special resident choice meal. 
Making dining fun and enjoyable for the residents is one of our goals along with meeting therapeutic and nutritional needs.

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